“The wild woman is fluent in the language of dreams, images, passion and poetry”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

  • How I manifested my career in aviation

    How I manifested my career in aviation

    Over the years I’ve developed a solid spiritual practice and I believe it’s why I’ve navigated a lot of my life, particularly my aviation career, with ease. I’ve spoken about my recruitment stories with Qatar Airways, Emirates and Qantas on my Youtube channel and I mention in those videos how I felt all of those […]

  • The risky business of flying

    The risky business of flying

    “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” Mahatma Ghandi Recently I filmed a vlog about my Emirates resignation where I suggested that there were health risks associated with the flight attendant role. I admitted that one of the reasons why I left the job was because of health […]

  • Du-bye for now, but not forever

    Du-bye for now, but not forever

    It’s been almost two weeks since departing Dubai and simultaneously ending my career as a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines. I feel a mixture of emotions from grief to nostalgia as I close a chapter on a huge part of my life but also feelings of excitement with a hint of anxiety as I embark […]

  • June, July, how the time FLIES!

    June, July, how the time FLIES!

    Where to start? I have been neglecting my writing for the past couple of months and I’m feeling so guilty for doing so! Therefore this blogpost is an attempt to redeem myself and catch you up on my travels for June and July. My flying hours for both months felt almost normal with the resume […]

  • A rocky trip to Petra

    A rocky trip to Petra

    Hello! I’m back after a little break from writing. I really want to return to regular blogging now that flights are slowly picking up. I am somewhat flying more these days as borders are opening… and then closing and then opening and then closing… is anyone else sick of this pandemic? Regardless this blogpost is […]

  • I MexiCAN’T get over my holiday

    I MexiCAN’T get over my holiday

    Happy one year anniversary to our beloved covid-19, thanks to you I’m here in Playa Del Carmen sipping Margaritas and soaking up that warm Mexican sun. I’ve spent the past 3 weeks here, truly living my best life #sorrynotsorry It’s hard to believe that some parts of the world are still living in lockdown while […]

  • Living on the Ed-gypt

    Living on the Ed-gypt

    Happy New Year! It’s been far too long since my last blogpost. I’m hoping this year will bring me motivation to write more than I did in 2020. The past year was challenging to say the least, but here we are in 2021 and I’m feeling super optimistic about it. I began 2021 the best […]