Nothing but post holiday blues

Hello friends,

I’m happy and sad to see June go. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t overly thrilled with my roster this month. It was my first month in one a half years of flying to not receive any of my requested flights or requested days off… Maybe I’m a little spoilt as this is the first time it happened to me but honestly I was very disappointed when I saw my roster. I think the most disheartening part was that I didn’t receive any of my requested days off when I was planning to extend my leave in Melbourne. However, I still made the best of the situation and travelled home even if it was only for 3 days!

This month I operated flights to India, Iran, Poland, Iraq, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and of course USA (like every other month). I was super lucky to receive Edinburgh and Zurich from my 5 days of home standby… these 2 flights definitely upgraded the original roster I was given.

The best part about June was without a doubt my two super short holidays; one in Melbourne and the other in Malta. It was so nice to return home for a few days after one year since my last visit.

Living abroad really makes you cherish the relationships you have with friends and family. Now that I’m not regularly spending time with my loved ones, I try to spend as much time as possible with them when I’m home and make every moment count.

I also dedicate some time for an espresso martini… when it Melbs it’d be rude not to!

Philadelphia, USA

So another month, another US destination. I can’t seem to rid of these US flights since I received my US visa in December, have you noticed? This month I was rostered Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – a new city for me to explore. I’m slowly making my way around the entire States.

I can’t say I was overly impressed with the city. It was nice to walk around, but not so much to do. I did appreciate the street art though…

The highlight for me was visiting the Magic Gardens of Philadelphia – a mosaic paradise for art lovers.

And a great place for a photoshoot… all for the gram of course


To the left, to the left… hopefully see you never, Philadelphia.

Thank you, next!


Now here is where the fun begins, the second highlight for June (other than my beloved Melbourne trip) was my few days off which I spent in Malta! This is my 59th country to visit and one of my favourites at that. I definitely want to come back again very soon.

I was very fortunate to have days off on the same days as my friends without even requesting for it – this is super dooper rare!!!! We stayed at St Julians in Malta, which is one of the central regions of Malta and heavily populated with tourists. This is because there are many hotels, restaurants and nightlife in this area.

A short walk from our apartment in St Julians…

We spent our days by the water in every which way possible and of course consuming all the alcohol.

Spritz is always a good idea.

One thing I will not recommend in Malta is the public transport system – buses are hopeless. It took us forever and a day to reach this part of Malta where you can find the famous village from the original Popeye the sailor man movie. I highly recommend hiring a car for the day, as it will be a lot more easier and QUICKER to travel around the island.

However, I think you can tell from the pictures that it was definitely worth the commute.

There was even a bridal party arriving at the Popeye village when we were there. What a cool venue to have a wedding! The former event planner in me approves.

On our final day in Malta, we hopped on a boat and sailed to the beautiful blue lagoon!

Check out that water!

Of course, when at the blue lagoon, one must drink Pina Coladas out of a pineapple!

This is me just living my best life out here…

If you like Pina coladas…..

Bye Malta, but NEVER forever! Can’t wait to be back on this amazing island, there are so many different areas to explore. What a great addition to the airlines network👌

Edinburgh, Scotland

Well after a few crappy flights, rostering were kind enough to give me some nice flights from my home standby. One of which was Edinburgh, Scotland. I travelled to Edinburgh over one year ago during a snow storm so I was very happy to finally come back to this beautiful city when the sun is shining and not every single shop in town is closed.

The first stop of my short layover was Carlton Hill for an amazing view over the city.

I’m seriously in love with all the old gothic architecture throughout the city. I stumbled across graveyard on my way down from Castle Hill.

One of the main places I wanted to visit was The Elephant Cafe where JK Rowling wrote some of the first Harry Potter novel. I came here on my original visit to Edinburgh but the cafe was closed due to the snow storm. This time round, it was open and I was able to enjoy a coffee inside.

For me, the highlight was the toilet covered in Harry Potter inspired graffiti. I loved reading all the quotes… but why didn’t I bring my pen?!?!?! **violently sobs**

I am in love with this street that inspired Diagonal Alley



So where am I travelling this month you ask? Great question…

  1. Chongqing, China
  2. Chicago, USA
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (new country)
  5. Nice, France
    + 3 days of standby, so let’s see what I get..

I’m much happier with my July roster, I have some ultra long layovers this month so I will actually have time to explore some new destinations.

I also booked a short stay in Cyprus to escape the sauna I call home. Qatar is super hot at the moment and I absolutely love anywhere in Europe this time of year! I love love love being just a short flight away to anywhere in Europe. Cyprus will be my 61st country to visit, followed by my layover in Ethiopia which will be my 62nd country to visit! Exciting times….. stay tuned to hear all about it next month!

Until then people, have a wonderful month😁 xxxx



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