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Hello hello,

I just completed my second month of flying here at Emirates. So far I am really enjoying my move to Emirates and Dubai. After completing my second month of flying I am feeling a lot more confident on board with all these new procedures I’ve had to adjust to after moving from Qatar Airways. Time is moving fast, I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months since I moved!

For some reason rostering keep giving me Europe flights particularly in the UK so I’ve had to rug up on all of my layovers. I’m so sick of packing winter clothes. It’s been a struggle as I didn’t pack a lot of winter clothes with me when I moved to Dubai as I didn’t think 90% of my layovers would be winter destinations! I’m desperate for a Melbourne flight so I can pick up more winter clothes from my closet. I’m so sick of wearing the same outfit on every layover.

This month I travelled to Germany, UK, Poland, Denmark and my only non-Europe flight for the month was Thailand (twice).

Hamburg, Germany

My first layover for February was Hamburg. I’ve travelled to Germany a few times now but never to Hamburg. I really enjoyed this city, I walked around as much as I could despite the cold weather.

I visited a place called Speicherstadt which is an old but well maintained industrial area. It has minor Amsterdam vibes with its red brick houses and canals. I think it would be really nice to visit in the summertime.

I ate at a really nice cafe for brunch called Nord Roast Coffee Roastery. I ordered my usual avocado on toast, I really don’t understand why I crave this dish so much, I think it just reminds me of Melbourne! Anyway the food and coffee was super delicious, plus look how beautifully presented it is. I just love when my food comes with flowers on it!

Until next time Germany (which is in fact tomorrow :P)

Warsaw, Poland

Back to Warsaw we go… my third time in the past year. Funny enough, it was the city I had my Emirates recruitment day in and now on my second roster here at Emirates I am operating the always busy flight to Warsaw. I’m not mad about it because I seriously love this city. Even though it was freezing cold, the sun was out and the city looked as beautiful as ever!

Walking alongside the river that passes through the city… ❤

Zapiecek – I know it’s a tourist spot but lunch here was absolutely delicious! This time around I tried the Polish traditional sour rye soup and mulled wine…. soup and hot wine is always nice during the winter.

I passed through this random park on my way home, I swear every corner I turn in Warsaw is just beautiful… I hope to see you again Poland!

Bangkok, Thailand

If you know me, you’ll know I love an Asian layover. Finally I was gifted with some sun!!! Even though everyone is avoiding Asia because of the whole corona virus situation, I was not going to let the virus stop me from enjoying Bangkok! Lucky for me I had 2 layovers this month, one was 24 hrs and the other was a super lovely 37 hours (more than 24 hr layovers in Emirates is very rare!)

For my first layover I landed in the early morning after a night flight. I was super tired so I decided to have a pamper day – massage, body scrub, pedicure, hair cut and blow wave… you could say it was a good day.

On both occasions I visited my new favourite, Infinity Spa. I am so in love with this spa and will be returning each time I travel to Bangkok for their amazing massages and service.

On my second 37 hour layover I caught up with Nichada, one of my Qatar Airways batch mates. She was on leave in Bangkok during my layover so Nichada and her boyfriend took me out to Patara restaurant for the most amazing Thai feast. They ordered basically every dish off the menu so I could try all the amazing food Thailand has to offer. We left the restaurant rolling home. It was so nice to catch up with her in her hometown after years of her inviting me to Bangkok! Love you Nichada!!!!! She’s the best 😀

My favourite thing about this job is the friendships I have made from all over the world. It’s such a crazy experience moving overseas away from everything you know and the people you love but at the same time it forces you out of your comfort zone and you tend to develop fast yet strong relationships with others in the same shoes as you.

Copenhagen, Denmark

My final layover for the month was Copenhagen, a city I seriously love and am still hoping to visit again in the summer months. It’s without a doubt my favourite Scandinavian country, I love how quaint the city is and they have lots of healthy organic food options which is right up my alley.

This was my second time to visit beautiful Copenhagen and unfortunately again it was in the winter. Even though the city is still beautiful in the wintertime, its a struggle to stay outside for a long time as the wind is seriously so strong and chilling! I was literally having tears in my eyes because of the intensity of the wind

But it’s just so beautiful !!

A beautiful park I walked through on my way to the little mermaid statue… so pretty!!!!

The little mermaid statue – Finally, I found this overrated tourist attraction I’ve been keen to visit for over 2 years now! The Disney princess in me rejoices!!

I hope to come back in summer… my dream is to hire a bike and ride around the city and just spend the whole day outside admiring its beauty!


That brings us to the end of my February post… next month surprise surprise I’ll be visiting a lot of European cities again!

Layovers include:

  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Dublin, Ireland (FINALLY NEW COUNTRY!!!)
  • Glasgow, UK
  • London, UK
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Again, my roster isn’t too exciting as I have visited the majority of the destinations multiple times, however they are all cities that I love. I am super excited to travel to Dublin though, Ireland is one country I still haven’t visited and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it.

Also, I’m now one month and a little bit away from completing my probation period… that means I’ll be able to bid and swap my flights and also travel on my days off… I am excited to start having a say in where I travel to and also to getting back into travelling on my off days again. I am excited for whats to come 🙂

Until next time, have a MARCH-vellous month! xxxx


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