Marching into Corona free days 🌈

Wow, what a crazy month it’s been. I began this month like any other and I’m ending it not knowing the certainty of my job, when I will operate my next flight or when I will even be able to go outside and socialise under normal circumstances. I’m currently in my apartment on lockdown, the government has asked all residents to self isolate for the interim.

A lot of industries have been affected by the corona outbreak and the aviation industry is one that has been hit very hard, I feel so grateful that I still have a job at this stage. Emirates have taken serious measures to survive the pandemic, one being they have ceased all flights for the next 2 weeks in the hope that the virus won’t continue to spread at the rate it is now. I was relieved to hear how the airline is handling the outbreak, with many airlines standing down their flight attendants, I was afraid that might be the case for many of us here (especially me as I am still relatively new). We don’t know what the future will hold but I am hopeful that things will get better and I will be back in the skies soon enough.

A big thank you is in order to all my fellow crew working in the front line of this pandemic. They are putting other people’s health above their own in order to get people home safely to their families and loved ones while at the same time we are forced to stay far away from our own families and friends because we fall under the high risk category. We, cabin crew are working in a metal tube filled with hundreds of people coming from all different locations and working closely with different crew operating many different flights… you can only imagine how easy it is for one of us to be infected. Thankfully, in Dubai we are being tested for the virus after each flight so measures are in place to ensure we are not continually spreading the virus.

I’m taking this time to focus on myself and to do things I perhaps didn’t have time for before or didn’t prioritise with everything else going on in my life. For me personally, I am not one to stay home… especially after moving to Dubai. Since my move I have found that I am constantly out and about, socialising with friends and exploring my new home. I love it here and I’m always finding new things to do and places to go. Being forced to stay home in your accomodation really makes you take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and forces people like me who are always busy doing things to rest and take time out. I’m going to use this time to take care of my body – eat well, sleep well, maintain a normal routine for a while… all things that are quite difficult to do working as a flight attendant.

This month has been a huge reminder to take nothing for granted. After the closure of many borders, cancellations of flights, Dubai being shut down… I am longing for the day when I can start mingling with my friends, going to the gym and most of all going back to work! I honestly love my life, my job and I had no plans to stop anytime soon. I hope it’s not the end of my monthly travels and I am back in the sky before we know it. I believe everything happens for a reason and I always try to take the positive out of every situation. I hope this is a wake up call to the majority of us that tend to complain about minor things when really we have so much to be grateful for each day 🙂

Now onto a lighter subject let’s talk about where I’ve been this past month before sh*% hit the fan. Thankfully for me, unlike many of my colleagues I only had three turnaround flights removed due to the current situation (turnarounds include Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and India). Other than that, I have operated all my other flights rostered for this month as normal except for London which ended up being a turnaround as we weren’t allowed to enter the UK. The flight loads were significantly lighter on the majority of my flights and it was interesting to see customers wearing masks and covered head to toe in plastic. This month I travelled to Germany, Ireland, Malaysia and the UK.

Frankfurt, Germany

My first flight of the month was Frankfurt. I had travelled to Frankfurt approximately one year ago working for Qatar Airways. I really like this city so I was happy to visit once again. I travelled into the city to do a little shopping. I walked along the beautiful river that runs through the city, however I couldn’t last too long outside as the weather was so cold! I’m so happy that European winter is just about over and the temperatures are slowly rising.

What a beautiful sunset along the river ❤

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I think this is my fifth time to visit Kuala Lumpur believe it or not, I was a frequent flyer here when I was working for Qatar Airways. Funny enough, I was meant to operate the flight again next month before it was removed due to covid-19… perhaps I will become a frequent flyer at Emirates as well. I’m not complaining because I honestly love the city. I am a fan of Malaysia – the people, the food, the culture and the tropical weather.

Such an amazing crew operating the flight to Kuala Lumpur ❤

Each time I visit Malaysia, I try to do something different on my layover.. Prior to operating the flight I googled things to do in Kuala Lumpur and I came across the “Forest Eco Park” right outside of the city. Probably the most enticing thing about the park is this canopy walk high above the trees which makes for great photos.

I spent a few hours hiking around the park, taking pictures and working up a sweat over its many different trails. I highly recommend the park if you are looking for something different to do in Kuala Lumpur, particularly if you have already visited the popular Batu Caves. Malaysia, I love you!

Dublin, Ireland

This layover was amazing and not so amazing at the same time. Firstly, I was super happy to finally have a new destination on my roster and add a new country to my country count. Ireland is one country I have been longing to visit, however I was never successful at getting the flight there. It’s my 69th country to travel to!! Wowpachowwww 😆

I was dead tired when I landed into Dublin, however this did not stop me from going to my first Irish pub and trying Guinness for the first time. I’m not much of a beer drinker to begin with, so I only managed to drink half of my Guinness before jumping back on my beloved wine for the rest of the night. It was a good attempt though if I do say so myself!

A few of us went to Temple Bar, probably the most famous bar in Dublin for its typical Irish affair. There is a live band playing Irish music and the place has a great vibe. It was busy with locals and foreigners.

Sipping wine with my housemate who happened to be in town that night

The next day I made an attempt to visit the Guinness factory and Trinity College but both were closed due to the corona outbreak. I think Dublin was just on the verge of going into lockdown when I had my layover. It was super disappointing as it was my first time in town but I suppose it was for the best given the situation we are at now. I even went to do my usual outstation grocery shopping and all the shops were empty. This was my first time to walk into an empty Aldi… I literally thought the store was closing down when in fact it was just attacked by the panic buyers.

Toilet paper being sold on the streets since there was nothing left in the grocery stores!

Dublin is super beautiful. I hope to return when business is back to usual and I can actually enjoy everything this city has to offer.


Well normally I would write about my destinations coming up for next month but as it currently stands my roster is now filled with days off and reserve days which I hope will eventually change into flights. It will all depend on what happens over the next few weeks, everything now is just at standstill. It’s a weird feeling but as I mentioned earlier I am remaining positive and taking time to rest my body from my usual busy schedule.

For those of you still flying (my QR buddies) stay safe and take care of yourselves, for those of you who are grounded on quarantine and self isolation stay sane and remain positive. We are all in this together and brighter days are coming, we just need to practice gratitude and patience ❤

If you made it this far, THANKS for reading, stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!!! XOXOX 😀

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