Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio – May 2023

If there ever was a time to practice self-compassion this week would be it! This week’s Full Moon is taking place in the powerful sign of Scorpio. For those of us in Australia the Full Moon will be taking place on Saturday 6th May, however, for those in the UK or America the Full Moon will be taking place on Friday 5th May.

My motto for any eclipse season is “expect the unexpected” and that has definitely got me through the past couple of weeks since the New Moon Eclipse in Aries. Scorpio energy is all about alchemy and how we can transmute our pain into our power. While this sounds great in theory, the reality of it means diving deep into our shadow and all that is buried deep inside our subconscious to transmute that darkness into light. This often feels very painful and uncomfortable to do. However, the reason it’s hidden from us in the first place is that we didn’t feel that feeling/thought/emotion at the time that it came up and instead pushed it down inside of us…

The problem with this is that what we resist – persists! While it can temporarily feel good to stuff down unwanted thoughts/emotions/feelings and not feel them in their depth, it never serves us in the long run because it often shows up in subtle ways to block us from manifesting our desires and keeps us from achieving our dreams.

The good news is, it’s eclipse season and it’s in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto (the planet of transformation and power) which means we are being supported by the Universe right now to do our shadow work, to remove any blocks or limiting beliefs holding us back from achieving our dreams! Our ancient ancestors believed eclipses were times of awakening as we shine a light on our darkness!

Now is the perfect time to notice what is coming up for you, where are you noticing constriction in your body? Is anyone irritating you more than normal or is a certain situation in your life causing you fear/anxiety or self-doubt? All of these messages are coming from your shadow and they are being brought to your attention for a reason!

Eclipses are portals for new beginnings and this is your moment to release anything unwanted so you can align with your soul path! The best way you can release anything is first by bringing awareness to that thing that needs release. As mentioned before, this is not the time to push down your feelings! This is a time to feel all the feelings, cry, laugh, journal, practice self-care, be gentle and compassionate with yourself… treat yourself like you would a child that just fell over and bruised their knee. There is so much healing power in just awareness alone… You have to feel it in order to heal it!

Now, I’m going to give you a rundown of where you will be affected most by this Full Moon going by the houses. It’s best to read your Rising Sign for the most accurate way to work with this Full Moon (however you may also like to read your Sun and Moon to get a broader perspective of what’s coming up for you).

  • Aries – 8th House: This Full Moon is all about finding a balance between give and take. Where are you giving too much or giving too little? Where could you be receiving more? It’s a good time to pay off debts.
  • Taurus – 7th House: This Full Moon is about finding balance, particularly in relationships (romantic, business, family). It can also bring closures to relationships that are not in harmony – trust that this is happening for the best!
  • Gemini – 6th House: Check in with your health, by that I mean – body, mind and spirit. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you nourishing yourself properly?
  • Cancer – 5th House: This is a time for self-expression, don’t feel shy to open your heart and express yourself in your authentic truth. You may feel inspired to work on a creative project.
  • Leo – 4th House: Take a look at your family relationships, now is a time to tend to your home and ensure yourself and everyone there feels safe and tended to.
  • Virgo – 3rd House: This may be a time to have an honest conversation or maybe a time to resolve any relationship dramas. Focus on your communication skills at this time – they will be the most powerful for you.
  • Libra – 2nd House: Take a look at your finances – consider your income and your debts. Also, feelings around self-worth could be showing up – where may you be seeking external validation?
  • Scorpio – 1st House: This Full Moon is all about focusing on you! Take time to prioritise your needs above others and receive help where needed.
  • Sagittarius – 12th House: Maybe you feel exhausted right now, that’s perfectly normal! Take this opportunity to rest, meditate, journal and practice self-care. This is the time to balance work-life and restoration.
  • Capricorn – 11th House: This is a good time for networking and community. Where could you be focusing on the greater good of all? It’s great to have our own personal needs and desires but they need to be balanced with caring for others and the world.
  • Aquarius – 10th House: This Full Moon is asking you to step out of the shadows and into the limelight! Shine the spotlight on your career and professional life. If a work situation is coming to end, know that something else might be waiting just around the corner for you!
  • Pisces – 9th House: This Full Moon is about personal growth, expanding your consciousness, travel and study. It’s a good time to take a step back from little issues that might be irritating to you and look at the wider picture. It can also be a good time to try something new or go on an adventure.

I hope you enjoyed that little rundown of what you can expect over this Full Moon period. Remember, the Full Moon energy typically affects us three days prior and three days after a Full Moon so watch out for everything coming up for you during that time.

If you want to join me for a Full Moon Release Women’s Circle on Wednesday 3rd May, I’d love to have you join me for an in-person event at Second Story, Collingwood, Melbourne. There are still tickets available which you can purchase HERE.

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Until my next blogpost,

Take care my loves and I wish you all a magical and peaceful Full Moon week.

Dani xx

P.s. Louise Hay Affirmation for us this Full Moon:

“I affirm that I am willing to release the causes and patterns in my consciousness that are creating any negative conditions in my life”


One response to “Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio – May 2023”

  1. The conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind, head vs. heart … what a complex form of life we are … yet humble enough or humbled (by) to realize that we are tinier than a speck of dust, amongst the vast number of galaxies in the universe. There’s definitely way more advanced life in those 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe. I have no problem believing that our entire being depends upon the alignment of the moon and the stars in the skies! I’ll be watching space documentaries at every chance I get, broadens my understanding of the universe, just like your posts do! P.S. Now, it’s always TV => Documentaries on ICE :). Every chance I get!


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