Hello, I am Danielle Murnane, a passionate traveller and wellness advocate from Melbourne, Australia.

I recently relocated home to Melbourne after spending the past five years travelling the world and living abroad, working for Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways in the Middle East.

I love exploring my creative side and producing content when I’m not flying. My soul is full of wanderlust which inspired me to write a book on my experience as an international flight attendant. Stay tuned…

Other than travelling the world and writing about it, I am deeply passionate about health and wellness, particularly for women. I am currently studying feminine embodiment coaching, where I help women connect with their innate power, their feminine energy. This power lives deep inside the body and is tied to intuition, creativity, magnetism and pleasure. Embodiment involves being present in the body and experiencing life in the now, the way nature intended us, women, to be.

I intend to share my life from aviation and travel to feminine energy and wellness. I hope you enjoy my content as much as I love to create it.

Love, Dani

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